EPA Food Service Pathway to Less Food Waste – Measurement Matters

The EPA guide to measuring food waste in the hospitality sector. Measuring food waste doesn’t have to be difficult, just use the information you already have to easily track your food waste. Learn how using your data can give you information on food waste volumes produced, the cost for your business, and how well your waste management system is working.

EPA Food Service Pathway Food Waste Measurement Template

Download our easy to use food waste tracker. This Excel template uses data you already have to calculate how much food waste your hospitality business is producing, what it may be costing and how well your waste management system is working (xlsx file).

Food Waste Fact Sheet

Food waste is a significant cost for any food service industry. Learn about some of the immediate actions you can take to reduce this cost for your business

Energy Factsheet

Actions and tips for improving the energy efficiency and reducing costs in your business

Toasty Savings

Savings of over €5,000 on toast – who’d have thought??

Keenans staff lead the way

Keenan’s Restaurant in Tarmonbarry participated in a food waste prevention project facilitated by Roscommon County Council. The first thing they did was to measure and monitor their food waste and, thanks to staff led changes, the improvements were impressive and immediate.

Wedding and catering food waste reduced by almost 40%

By applying a number of improvement options based on food waste data gathering, food waste generated per person served was reduced by almost 37% in just 2 months. This was equivalent to a reduction of 5 tonnes of food waste per annum.

Food waste reduced by over 30% in Irish hotel

As part of the Green Hospitality Programme one member hotel examined the food waste generated during wedding events in detail. Through using the results a number of targeted improvements were made resulting in food waste reductions of over 30%.