Primary food production, including farming and fishing, is a major part of Ireland’s economy. This sector is heavily reliant on our environment so the impacts of food waste and loss are very much local.

Similar to many other countries internationally, there is very little quantified data on the levels of waste generated in these sectors. While primary food production is a very diverse sector, some of the common drivers of food loss and waste include:

  • Product specifications (e.g. size, cosmetic standards)
  • Lack of access to market or processing facilities
  • Price volatility resulting in commodity price too low to cover harvest cost
  • Premature or delayed harvesting
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Damaged or low grade product
  • Food affected by pests, animals or disease
  • Lack of storage facilities, including lack of cold storage
  • Spoilage due to inappropriate storage, treatment and handling
  • Poor harvesting technique

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