Food waste occurs at every step of the chain, from production and processing, to distribution, retail and finally to the consumer. This all adds up to over 1 million tonnes of food waste generated in Ireland each year.

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Commercial Food Waste Research ReportLess Food Waste More ProfitFood Waste in Hotels – Daily Service

This research project, which was carried out by the Clean Technology Centre (CIT) and funded by the EPA Research Programme, examined the main food waste producing commercial sectors in Ireland. With over 50 food waste surveys carried out in food service and food retail businesses, a series of sectoral food waste profiles, benchmarks and food waste cost factors were developed.


This updated version of Less Food Waste, More Profit aims to inform people within the food service industry of the significant issue of food waste and the potential solutions. Originally published in 2010, it has been updated based on work conducted by the Clean Technology Centre (CIT) on the EPA funded research project ‘Reducing Commercial Food Waste in Ireland'.


The hotel sector is responsible for 53,000 tonnes of food waste, costing the sector an estimated €180 million per annum. Hotels have to balance the expectation that cooked food is always available to guests while also trying to keep waste and costs down. Not an easy task.