The number of meals typically consumed by Irish people outside of the home is increasing. As a result, food service (including hotels, workplace canteens, bars, restaurants, etc.) is becoming an ever more important sector in relation to food waste prevention in Ireland.

The main sources of food waste in this sector are typically related to:

  • Unused, outdated and damaged stock
  • Food uneaten by customers
  • Prepared but unserved food
  • Preparation waste
  • Food cooked/prepared improperly

There will always be a certain level of food waste associated with this sector. For this to be minimised, the main types of wasted food, and the reasons for generation, must be identified. While reasons will vary for different types of food service business some of the primary issues are:

  • Large portions
  • Over-ordering by customers
  • Issues with stock control leading to spoilage
  • Over-ordering by kitchen staff (e.g. just in case ordering)
  • Poor menu planning
  • Improper storage
  • Lack of communication internally and with customers
  • Poor preparation practices

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