Food waste is an issue that affects everyone in Irish society –producers, growers, retailers, consumers and those who experience food poverty. In 2014 Ireland hosted its first Forum on Food Waste where stakeholders from across the food system came together to discuss the issue of food waste.

In March 2017, a follow up Forum on Food Waste took place. This event provided an opportunity to highlight the food waste prevention work currently under way and to discuss further actions needed for Ireland to meet its commitment under UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3.

This commitment was endorsed by the signing into effect of the Food Waste Charter for Ireland by The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Denis Naughten and the Director General of the Environmental Protection Agency, Laura Burke.

The presentations from the event are available below:

Dr. Julian Parfitt_Forum on Food Waste 2017

European Court of Auditors_SR 34-2016 Food Waste

Shane Colgan EPA_Forum on Food Waste 2017

Iseult Ward FoodCloud_Forum on Food Waste 2017

Oli Gleeson_Profitwatchs Food Waste Project_Forum on Food Waste 2017

Colum Gibson CTC_Forum on Food Waste 2017

John Hagan Country Crest_Forum on Food Waste 2017

Sharon Cameron_Stop Food Waste Challenge_Forum on Food Waste 2017

For more information check out the  event agenda and our infographic.

Also, below are a selection of videos and podcasts from Ireland’s first Forum on Food Waste which was held in December 2014.


Phillip Boucher-Hayes and Odile Le Bolloch of the EPA set the scene and provide a bit of  background to Ireland’s first forum on Food Waste. Then, Food & Farming journalist Suzanne Campbell provides a fascinating insight into the pressures that are put on the food producers of Ireland.

The Supply Sidesupply-icon
Before food ever even reaches consumers there is a huge amount of processing and distribution involved. In this section we hear from national organisations working on improving the efficiencies of the production process and how this has a positive impact in terms of jobs and the environment

Distribution and Commerced-and-c-icon

Wholesalers, retailers, commerce and the service industry – all have a significant part to play in the food cycle though much of the food that is disposed of is surplus rather than waste. Hear we get their perspective and learn about the growing network of surplus food redistribution to Irish charities.


At home we all waste food for different reasons so there is no one thing that can help everyone reduce this. Rather, we each have to figure it out for ourselves. Hear how local communities around the country are working with local authorities and Stop Food Waste to reduce their food waste and save money every week.

Thought for foodfwf-icon
A lot was discussed at this inaugural Food Waste Forum with lessons to be learned for everyone involved. The panel discussions provided further insight and a summary of the day is also provided.

We hope you have found these podcasts and videos useful and if you would like any further information, or to actively participate, please contact us

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